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These may possibly have been autographs transmitting the music text in the definitive version. Then the autographs that we know today would be no more than precursors. And what about the waltz in E flat major , B 46 spurious? What is the source of this piece? Some copy? If you have any details please let me know, Greetings , Hans de Korver. Thank you for your comment!

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However, Ferdynand Hoesick saw the album and described its content. According to him, the Waltz B 46 was part of the album and should consequently be considered as authentic. The other Waltz published by Breitkopf in , B 21, is a slightly different case. It is true that this piece was also part of the Elsner music book. Thus, there is no doubt that B 21 is authentic, whereas B 46 remains slightly unclear in its authenticity. Thank you very much.

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Anyway 2 very youthful waltzes. By clicking "Post comment", you agree that your data will be stored by G.

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    String Quintet , c. Fugue for String Quintet , D. Sonatina for mandolin and piano , c. Sonatina for mandolin and piano , C. Andante and Variations for mandolin and piano , D. Cello Sonata No.

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    4. Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia. Variations for cello and piano on "See the counquering hero comes" from Handel's Judas Maccabaeus , G. Violin Sonata No. Alexander I, Tsar of Russia. Bridgetower , ded. Rodolphe Kreutzer. Baron Ignaz von Gleichenstein. Archduke Rudolph. Ten Nation airs with Variations for flute or violin and piano.

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      Piano Quartet No. Trio for piano, flute and bassoon , G. Trio for clarinet or violin , cello and piano, "Gassenhauer" version with Violin instead of Clarinet is considered Piano Trio No. Countess Maria Wilhelmine von Thun. Professor Johann Adam Schmidt ; arr. Thayer : Ludwig van Beethovens Leben , ed. Deiters, ii Berlin, Empress Maria Theresa. Serenade for flute, violin and viola , D. Three Equali for 4 trombones , d. Archbishop Maximilian Friedrich , Elector of Cologne.

      Franz Gerhard Wegeler ; facs.

      Beethoven String Quartet No. 16 in F Major, Op. 135 - Orion String Quartet (Live)

      Schmidt: Beethoven-Briefe Berlin, Piano Sonata No. Piano Sonata , fragment, C. Eleonore von Breuning; completed by Ferdinand Ries. Countess Giulietta Guicciardi. Count Ferdinand von Waldstein. Archduke Rudolph; London edn ded. Antonie Brentano. Nine variations on a march by Ernst Christoph Dressler , c. Twenty-four variations on Vincenzo Righini 's aria "Vieni amore" [10] , D.

      Seven variations on " God Save the King ", C. Five variations on " Rule, Britannia!

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      Thirty-two variations on an original theme , c. Thirty-three variations on a waltz by Diabelli "Diabelli Variations" , C. Presto Bagatelle [11] , c. Allegretto Bagatelle [11] , c. Rondos, C ,. Rondos, G. Seven Bagatelles. Lustig-Traurig Bagatelle [11] , C. Allegretto Bagatelle [11] , C. Nohl : Neue Briefe Beethovens Stuttgart, Polonaise , C. Eleven Bagatelles. Starke, ed. Six Bagatelles. Sonata for Piano, Four Hands , D. Archduke Rudolph; arr. Es ist vollbracht , finale of Die Ehrenpforten Singspiel, Treitschke. Mass in C major.

      Prince Ferdinand Kinsky. Der glorreiche Augenblick The glorious moment. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Missa solemnis , D. Archduke Rudolph [15]. Wegeler, W 1. Wegeler, W 2 [No. Bagatelle in c for piano. Allegretto in c for piano. Beethoven Grasnick 25, f. Beethoven Grasnick Praeludium in f for piano.